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The Auto Glass Hosting Solution

In today's modern world an internet presence has become an indicator of your commitment to stay ahead of the curve. It also proves to be a powerful tool to generate extra sales and provides your customer a convenient way of buying your products and communicating with you 24/7.

An Online Revenue Stream
Hundreds of extra orders for the cost of one or two a month.

An Instant Web Site
AutoGlassHosting.com has developed an instant web site and hosting solution. You are up and running in minutes with your own dynamic web site. For just one low price of $149.00 a month (includes a NAGS® license fee). You will have the ability to choose from many different template and color configurations making your site stand out in your market. (Click on a Demo Site below)

Administration and Reports / Online Admin Demo
You will also receive a content rich administration console. In it you will have the ability to make changes to your sites content and design. In it you will also be able to view and edit invoices, set pricing, view reports, and much more.

Already Have A Site?
For those who already have a site developed, you can add our Auto Glass Wizard for more profit. We have a couple of "Plain Template" choices that enable you to use your own Logos and color schemes. (Click on an example below) Or we can supply you with code to embed in you site (see: autoglassquote.net as an example). Compare these advantages to your regular hosting service, that only provides you a place to park your site.

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"The wizard is a great add-on for our
site! It is wonderful to see orders
come in after-hours." JB

"You guys rock! What a difference!
My site is actually making me money!" DR

"Love the status system. I can talk with
our customers anytime of the day, if they
are working or at home. Great way to
communicate and get the job done!
Happy customers are returning customers!"

"I have insurance agents using my site and
having customers call me directly,
unsolicited" LM

"I just wanted to let you know how much
your hosting wizard for auto glass quotes
has helped my business. The program is
simple and the results have been
outstanding. It’s been about a year now
and with every month that passes we get
more traffic. The wizard is better then
having a customer service rep in my office.
It works 24 hours and holidays with no
overtime or workman’s comp. Working out
great." RW